Carseat Canopy Reviews 2018 UPDATED

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Having a baby is a wonderful thing. Raising an infant comes with its challenges and can be very stressful especially for first-time moms. So many sacrifices have to be made in order to make sure the child is safe and brought up healthy; Babies easily get diaper rashes and childcare is a delicate matter. One of such sacrifices that doesn’t have to be made is outdoor life. With car seat canopies, you can go out with your baby without it being exposed to the weather. These canopies fit over the top of your infant car seat and keep the child safe from environmental elements. These canopies come in various design and construction, some are designed to give the baby a view of the environment while preventing nothing from getting in and some are designed for different seasons.

Tips for Choosing a Best Car Seat Canopy

Carseat Canopy Reviews
Car seat canopies go a long way in protecting babies from the environment. It is imperative that when purchasing one, we buy the best one because there should be no compromise when it comes to our children. Below are some tips to guide you in your quest for the ultimate car seat canopy for your infant.

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This is not a compulsory criterion for choosing a car seat canopy but it is one that makes aesthetic sense. You should choose one that matches your vehicle’s interior so your child’s space doesn’t look odd and out of place. It might be a daunting task to find a canopy that matches the exact pattern of your car’s interior but it is pretty easy to get one that comes close, this is worth the extra effort.

Most car seats do not come with their own canopies. Ensure that the canopy you purchase matches the pattern of the car seat itself. You don’t want it to seem like the car seat was a gift from your uncle down south while the canopy was gifted to you by your neighbor.


A car seat canopy with elastic bands around it will ensure that the canopy wraps firmly around the frame of the seat. This will also make the temperature within the canopy is constant irrespective of the environment you are. Because of the firm hold, excess wind cannot find way into the canopy.


It is important to take the measurements of the car seat canopy you intend to buy and compare them to the car seat you own like you do while shopping maternity leggings for yourself. This will make sure you get the best fit for your child’s car seat. Taking the measurement of your car seat to the store will save you valuable time of having to return the canopy if it does not fit.

Carseat Canopy Reviews

Kids N’ Stuff Car Seat Canopy

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Kids N’ Stuff car seat canopy has so many good reviews on amazon. So many parents have so many nice things to say about this and for good reason too. This car seat canopy creates a dark, cozy environment to make sleep enjoyable wherever the mother and child go.

It effectively handles the task of keeping out excess wind, flying insects, bugs and extreme weather conditions. The gaps in between the snaps of the Peekaboo Opening allow air to come into your child’s space. This is very important because you don’t want your child to be stuffed in there without air getting in. This canopy comes with an innovative design; a Peekaboo Opening which can be used to cover yourself and the baby while breastfeeding in public.

The high points of this car seat canopy are;Keeps out excess wind and other extremities, creating a comfortable area for your special one.

1. Keeps out excess wind and other extremities, creating a comfortable area for your special one.

2. Air comes in through the Peekaboo Opening; there will be no shortage of air for your infant.

3. Innovative design; Peekaboo Opening for ease of nursing in public.

4. The material is extra soft; it can be used as an extra blanket because it is not harsh on the baby’s tender skin.

5. You can wash this canopy at home with ease because it is machine washable. Use cold water and wash with like colors.

6. Amazing customer service, super responsive.

Jomolly Leaf Baby Car Seat Canopy

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Every mother’s goal is to raise her kid in a healthy environment. One of the ways to do this is to use car seat canopies during outings with your baby. Jomolly leaf baby car seat canopy is one that comes with so many good points that will be of importance to mother and child. One of the benefits is its breathability and lightweight material which allows air come into the car seat while still keeping excess wind out and extreme weather conditions at bay. The environment which this canopy creates is safe, comfortable, stylish and for both male and female infants.

Jomolly leaf baby car seat canopy is attractive to the eyes I must say. It is made of soft muslin cotton to prevent over-heating. Mothers must ensure that their infants only stay under breathable canopies to avoid suffocation. It is universal in size so it fits all car seat covers made for infants. The Velcro strap is of high quality and adjustable in such a way that the fabric is not damaged.

Included in the package is a bonus bag to store the canopy when not in use. It makes it pretty convenient to carry around. This product has so many wonderful reviews on amazon, you should check it out!

Copper Pearl Car Seat Canopy

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Copper Pearl is a versatile canopy that fits any carrier including baby car seats. The stretchy material makes it easy to put and remove from any carrier whenever, wherever. Are you in need of nursing your baby in public? No worries, this cover can be removed and used as a nursing cover to cover you and your baby without fear of being exposed.

Comfort and peace of mind is what you get with this canopy, your infant is fully protected from external weather conditions, pests and bugs. The fabric is so soft that it allows air pass through to your baby. However, the company suggests that the cover be taken off when the baby sleeps to avoid suffocation.

The high points of this canopy are;

1. Versatile cover that can be used as a baby car seat canopy, nursing cover, shopping cart cover and other related uses you can think of.

2. Provides protection against weather elements and extreme conditions.

3. Easy to use, you don’t need a degree in nursing to be able to use this.

4. Made from high quality fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

Armful of Love Car Seat Canopy

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Armful of love car seat canopy is one canopy that you can use for all seasons. It provides protection against strong winds and summer heat. It holds up against strong winds and does not get blown away like most cover do. The material used in making this canopy is muslin so it is breathable and lightweight. Suffocation is not an issue when using this canopy. Despite being lightweight and soft, it is durable and washable.

It works superbly in the hot months; in the spring and summer months, this canopy is capable of shielding your baby from heat, sun rays, insects, bugs and wind. This cover is not ideal for use under wet conditions like snow and rain. If you want a cover to keep your baby secured during summer, you should consider buying Armful of Love Car Seat Canopy.

Amazlinen Baby Car Seat Canopy

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This baby car seat canopy is one that has won the hearts of parents because of the effective design and functionality. This cover gives you baby full protection against strong winds, germs and reduces the light that gets into your child’s zone. This creates a cozy and warm environment for your child, making his/her sleep comfortable.

This canopy comes equipped with a mesh which stretches and can be used when the main canopy is folded down. This gives the baby access to more light and a better view of his surrounding while still providing protection from flying insects.

The amazing feature about this car seat canopy is the two zippers positioned in front of the canopy. This makes it easy to check on the baby once in a while and even take the baby out without taking down the whole cover from the seat.

High points of this car seat canopy:

1. Perfect for boy and girl child.

2. Adjustable opening with two zippers for checking of the baby and removing the baby without having to take the canopy off.

3. Easy to install and universal fit for all baby car seats.

4. Innovative stretch mesh keeps an insect out and gives the baby access to more light.


A child is a bundle of joy and should be treated as such. Giving your child all the care and attention should be on top of every parent’s priority. Car seat canopies give you the opportunity to take your child for walks and outdoor activities. You should not compromise on this opportunity by purchasing a car seat canopy that will put your child at risk. Strong wind, extreme weather conditions, suffocation and overheating are some things that can be avoided by reading the above information about Carseat Canopy Reviews. Take your time to go through the list because your child is worth every bit of it. Read our other blog posts on Maternity101 and take a good care of your child!

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